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Jumbo JCD committee beyond constitution

2016-02-08 21:01:57
Jumbo JCD committee beyond constitution

Mahmudul Hasan, The Report:

Without caring for what the constitution says, the full-fledged central committee of the Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal (JCD) comprising 736 members was approved on Saturday night. The committee comprises members three times that the constitution allows. At the same time the constitution was also not followed in announcing the committee. Even there is an allegation that not a single member of the committee is a regular student. As a result, the activists and supporters of the JCD have become aggrieved and frustrated again.

The Chapter 17 of the draft JCD constitution says, “The central committee will comprise 151 members--president, general secretary, senior vice president, vice president—12 posts (six from the centre and six from the divisional level), general secretary, joint general secretary—two, assistant general secretary—five, organising, assistant organising and divisional assistant organising secretary—six posts, publicity secretary, assistant publicity secretary, office secretary, assistant office secretary—56 posts and members-95 posts.”

But the present committee comprises 736 members.

The earlier committee led by Abdul Kader Bhuiyan Jewel and Habibur Rashid Habib announced on September 4 in 2012 comprised 291 members.

The Chapter 15 (Gha) of the JCD constitution says, “The central executive committee will be announced through a national convention.” But the new full-fledged committee was announced in a press release instead of holding any convention.

The JCD activists say that after announcement of the 201-member partial committee comprising Rajib Ahsan as its president and Md Akramul Hasan as its general secretary on October 14 in 2014 those in the committee faced a revolt. In the fear of any further revolt all were included in the committee. Now all are leaders of the JCD. Earlier there was no such a big committee of any student wing. Not only that. The seniority has not been followed in forming the committee.

Non-student persons, service holders, married and old people and even those accused of rape have been included in the committee, they allege.

They also say it so happened that those who did not want to be in the committee have been included.

Some are terming this committee a protest procession committee. Some others say that as there are no new activists, now all activists and supporters are leaders.

Venting his anger, the present committee’s joint secretary Bayezid Arefin told The Report, “Those who got the committee approved have no standard themselves. How will they understand the standard of the Chhatra Dal? They have given the high command a wrong perception to form a syndicate committee tarnishing the image of the student organisation. They did not hesitate to drop a dedicated leader like Sharif Uddin Jewel (immediate past senior vice president of Dhaka city north JCD).”

Student leader Mosharef Hossain Mishu claims he was a member of the last committee. Now he has been made assistant scholarship and student welfare affairs secretary. The person who has been made secretary is junior to him. Besides, the three above him are also junior to him.

Seeking anonymity a student leader of the 90s told The Report, “The committee that has been formed will serve as a procession committee for any movement. If all of them are there on the street, it will turn into a procession, they will not require any other activists and supporters.”

The JCD constitution says only the students studying at different educational institutions will be members of the organisation. But talking to the students and leaders of the JCD and analysing the list of the new committee it has been learnt that none of the committee is a regular student. Most of the leaders are married. The draft constitution of the JCD has not been followed in forming the committee. Though the constitution stipulates 12 vice presidents and two joint general secretaries, the committee comprises 69 vice presidents. Most of them are married and many are no more students. On the other hand, there are 67 joint general secretaries and most of them are married.

The constitution stipulates five assistant general secretaries. But this committee has 54 of them and most of them are married. The situation is same with the assistant organising secretaries.

About the primary membership, the constitution’s chapter 6(1) says, “A student from any educational institution from the secondary or equivalent level to the university level can join the Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal by expressing solidarity with the JCD objective and being imbued with its ideals.”

The chapter’s Kha sub-section says, “Only the Bangladeshi citizens and students studying here will be eligible for becoming members of the JCD.”

Besides, the chapter 18 of the draft constitution says, “The Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal is a front organisation of Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Dal. So, the JCD will work towards implementation of the main party’s aims, objectives and ideals. If necessary, the Chairperson can cancel or postpone the JCD central committee and then form the full-fledged or convening committee. The chairperson can take organisational action against any of the committee. The chairperson can cancel the constitution or postpone, add or drop any chapter, section or sub-section of the constitution.”

This chapter needs to be changed. For, the BNP finalised its constitution in its council on December 8 in 2009 in compliance with the Section 90-B/1/B/3 of the Representation of the People Order (RPO). The party submitted the constitution to the Election Commission secretariat on January 21 in 2010. At that time the student and the worker wing of the party were mentioned as independent organisations. Despite the amendment to the BNP constitution the party still could not withdraw its leaders from the leadership positions in the front organisations.

The Section 90-B/1/B/3 of the Representation of the People Order (RPO) says, “Any political party must not have any front or associate organisation comprising teachers, students or members from any profession or any workers from any financial or commercial organisation or any industrial entity. But the students, teachers, workers or service holders can organise themselves independently and they also can form organisations or trade unions to practise their democratic and political rights.”

Present committee’s vice president Rakibul Islam Royal, who was dropped in the last committee, wrote in his facebook status on Sunday, “The organisation has now become a circus. “Circus is going on.” None will go back empty-handed. But one must pray so that the next committee comprises 1001 members.”

JCD office secretary Md Abdus Sattar Patwary told The Report, “Earlier there were 153 members. Now 583 more have been included in the committee before announcing the full-fledged committee.” But he has admitted that it is the biggest ever committee of the JCD.

About this former JCD leader and BNP chairperson’s adviser Shamsuzzaman Dudu told The Report, “The committee is big. This is a perspective. Many JCD leaders have fallen victim to forced disappearance, murder and harassment. Naturally those who played their active roles in the last movements got the opportunity in the committee.”

He also said, “It cannot be said right now whether it is successful or not. Whether the committee is small or big will be clear, when they will play their roles in the democratic movement. How many work in the interest of the JCD will be monitored.”

When his attention was drawn to the allegation that the accused in rape cases were included in the committee, he said, “None can be included in the JCD committee except those from colleges, universities and private universities. And if the rape cases are not proved, nothing can be said about that.”

Organisational chief and BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia approved the partial committee of the JCD earlier on October 14 in 2014. The committee signed by BNP student affairs secretary Shahid Uddin Chowdhury Annie comprised 201 members. Of them, the names of 153 were announced.

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