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50pc lubricants in markets adulterated

2016-02-10 16:35:18
50pc lubricants in markets adulterated

Md Shamim Rezvi, The Report:

The number of vehicles in the city is increasing day by day. The demand for mobil or lubricant oil is also increasing keeping pace with that. A section of dishonest businessmen are cashing in on the demand to trade in adulterated mobil or lubricant oil and thus cheating the customers day by day. Low-quality and burnt refined lubricants worth crores of taka are being sold every month. The packaging, bottles and company names are the same, but the prices are lower by Tk 200-300 at one shop than that at another shop.

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) sources say low-quality and used mobil or lubricant oil is being mixed with a chemical and it is being sold under different international brand names like Visco, Long run, Pe+, Climax, Super-V, Castrol etc. A large quantity of oil, mobil or lubricant is also stored for marketing using stickers of different international brands. The people, especially the farmers, have long been cheated buying the adulterated mobil or lubricants. 40 to 50 percent mobil or lubricants in the market are made of low quality and adulterated materials.

The RAB-10 conducted a drive at Champatali Lane in the Chawkbazar-Swarighat area of Old Dhaka on January 26. During the drive the RAB sealed offices of five organisations producing and selling adulterated mobil or lubricant. Provati Enterprise owner Md Azizur Rahman was fined Tk 6 lakh, Madhumati Traders owner Md Maniruzzaman was fined Tk 2.0 lakh and Talukder Enterprise owner Md Jashim Uddin Tk 1.0 lakh. Khan Enterprise and Rafiq Enterprise owners and managers were absconding. So, cases were filed against them.

Investigation reveals that there are more than one syndicate doing this practice in Old Dhaka’s Chankharpul, Khaje Dewan, Nimtali, Chawkbazar, Lalbagh, Islampur, Tantibazar, Dholaikhal and the city’s Karwan Bazar areas.

The factories producing adulterated oil use a chemical in the burnt mobil to give it back the original colour. Then those are sold as fresh lubricants.

Every month low-quality and burnt lubricants worth crores of taka are being refined and sold in Dhaka. As a result, the companies selling quality lubricants are counting losses while the engines using the adulterated mobil are getting damaged. Still the customers are buying the low-priced lubricants unknowingly. This mobil or lubricant oil is being sold at motor cycle garages, car workshops, motorcycle parts shops and even at groceries or hardware shops.

Executive magistrate at the RAB headquarters Md Sarwar Alam told The Report, “The adulterated mobil or lubricants are in high demand in the market, because the drivers are taking money from the owners for buying original lubricants. But they are purchasing the low-priced lubricants. Because of the high demand, the 40-50 percent lubricants in the market are of low quality and adulterated. The engines of vehicles are getting damaged within a short time for use of the adulterated lubricants. And it is also causing accidents and loss of lives and properties.”

In a drive at the Muktijoddha market at the Madanpal Lane in the city’s Nababpur area on October 17 in 2015 the law-enforcers seized 2,862 cans of adulterated lubricant oil and brake oil being sold under different international brand names.

The RAB-10 drive reveals that the Messrs Shamim Traders, Khan Traders and Mohammadi Traders had long been mixing kerosene, diesel and low-quality and used lubricants and using a chemical in them to give the mixture the original colour of lubricants. Then those were sold under different international brand names.

Messrs Shamim Traders manager Mojibur Rahman and the owner’s cousin (assistant manager) Md Aslam and three employees were caught red-handed while selling adulterated lubricants. For selling the fake lubricant oil Shamim Traders manager Md Mojibur Rahman was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment and fined Tk 1.0 lakh. Assistant manager Md Aslam was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment. As the owners and mangers of Mohammadi Traders and Khan Traders were absconding, the mobile court ordered filing of cases against them. The three establishments were sealed. The cans of fake lubricant oil were damaged at the dumping ground of the Dhaka south city corporation at Matuail.

Investigation reveals that the dishonest traders buy old and burnt black mobil or other lubricant at Tk 20-25 per litre. The burnt mobil is refined using a certain chemical. Later it is sold in bottles having attractive stickers in Arabic and English of main brands. Soon after use of these lubricants in engines of cars, motorcycles, tractors and trawlers, the engines get damaged.

Executive magistrate Sarwar Alam told The Report, “A syndicate has been formed in the country for producing adulterated oil, mobil or lubricant and marketing them. The size of the cans containing the adulterated lubricant and the labeling are like the original ones. The common customers cannot understand that it is not original. As the prices of these cans are lower by Tk 200-300, the retailers are keeping these in their shops and selling those to the customers.”

“The fake lubricants are used in different machines (power tillers and other such machines). As a result, the engines of different equipment used by farmers get damaged very soon and the farmers incur losses,” he added.

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