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Interview with Global MD Stefan Haubold who offers buy & sales services for car enthusiasts aims to be a household name in vehicle industry: Stefan

2014-04-10 15:59:53 aims to be a household name in vehicle industry: Stefan

Md. Al-Amin,, Dhaka:, a Germany-based global company offering international standard buy and sales services for all kinds of vehicles, wants to be a household name in vehicle industry of Bangladesh by providing Internet-based quality and authentic information services to car enthusiast clients and readers, said its global Managing Director Stefan Haubold while visiting Dhaka recently.

He said, “Lot of emotions are attached with a car and its owner as they are integral part of the people’s life and wants to be a part of that life-long bonding.” is a Germany-based global company dealing exclusively with brand new and reconditioned motorized vehicles through Internet-based portals in 11 countries, including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and Mexico. The company has been proving information on all brands of vehicles and also current listings of reconditioned vehicles presenting exclusive photographs displaying present conditions of those vehicles, which were put on sale and other available choices for the potential clients in the local market within his/ her budget. Most importantly the most authentic market and product information services rendered through its web-based platform – virtual vehicle market place-- is absolutely free of cost for individual clients and visitors while car dealers and brand distributors will have to pay only nominal fees for displaying their array of products through multi-media platform to attract buyers.

And for having a look at the whole vehicles market scenario, the potential buyers having emotional attachment for having a car of his own within the budget need not even venture out of his office or home for gathering all the information necessary for quenching the thirst before buying the car of his or her choice at the best available price. To facilitate the potential buyers, has come up with a unique service-oriented business venture for helping the car enthusiast people and professionals of the country to facilitate their both buy and sale facilities for all sort of vehicles through virtual marketplace. Even without bothering to visit so many places braving the traffic congestion, the buyers or sellers can avail the opportunity of enjoying the global standard professional services, what the first world has been used to for long, in Bangladesh right now browsing through listings to pick the right one. Thanks to for offering the highly professional virtual marketplace services online for its Bangladesh clientele.

The unique business service having exclusive focus on motorized vehicles and high-end motorcycles has been launched recently in Bangladesh by Rocket Internet, Germany Based company enjoying business focus in 11 countries through Internet. The exclusively motorized vehicles focused has already reached all the car dealers and importers of reconditioned cars in the capital Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet for facilitating the sales of cars in Bangladesh through Internet. One of the founder and global Managing Director Stefan Haubold was visiting Bangladesh as part of his regional business tour and Md. Al-Amin, News Editor of grabbed the opportunity to talk about the company’s business expansion and vision in Bangladesh when the German Internet company boss just walked into the office of as a friendly gesture on April 7.

During the exclusive interview Stefan Haubold put his extreme focus on, its business focus, vision and target for becoming a household name in the country’s vehicle business arena.

When asked why launched its business in a developing country like Bangladesh, Stefan said, “In recent years Bangladesh has experienced a substantial growth of mobile phone subscribers and in recent days after launch of the 3G technology, the country has been experiencing a tremendous growth in smart-phones. Now a big segment, almost 80 percent of the below 30-year age group of the country’s driving force are browsing the Internet through their smart phones. And the figures have every potentials to grow at the fastest pace in Bangladesh having a record of over 6 percent steady GDP growth for several years. So having all the potentials of growth of Intent industry and IT and telecom sectors among the upcoming generation, came all the way to Bangladesh from Germany for tapping all the business potentials of the vehicles market by establishing the aimed at becoming the household name in the industry and also part of the life of the working people.”

When asked how the is getting response from its targeted audience, Stefan said, “In a word the response is beyond expectations as most of the car dealers, car haats and BARVIDA, the association of car dealers, have endorsed our assistance and marketing proposals and we’ve got tied up with them for boosting sales through Internet. So the response from our targeted audience is quite positive and we’re expecting rapid growth through professional services in Bangladesh market.”

In a question of how is the company doing business in 11 countries it has launched its business, Stefan said, “We’ve launched companies in 11 mostly Asian states like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and Mexico and all those are striving for growth as wants to be the number one in its domain of business in all the countries it has been operating.

When asked how would you evaluate the Bangladesh market having some specific characteristics, Stefan said, “Bangladesh market is quite a big one having immense potentials and so it is attractive for us too. Cars and motorcycles are tied with our lives having emotional attachments and wants to be part of those Bangladeshi people’s lives having emotional bonding in the country’s transport sector by educating the people about everything required for running their vehicles and selecting the right one for them.”

In another question regarding if is facing any problem or hindrance in operating their business in Bangladesh, the top executive said, “There are oddities and challenges everywhere. But most important thing is identifying the green fields and understanding its inner dynamics, prospects and how the market operates. And as part of the business and its future expansion plan is education the people about the Internet, its benefits, its immense potentials and how it could make life easy, better and prosperous too. And it is convincing the people that their dream car or vehicle is just a few clicks away having displayed in the site with pictures, its mileage and all the specific features to reach without even bothering to venture out braving the choking traffic congestion in the city.

One very interesting factor for is that most the site visitors log on to it after 9:00pm after completing all their usual business at offices and homes and stay in the site browsing through different listings for quite a long time, which is something really encouraging for us.

When asked how does reap its benefits, Stefan said, “We don’t charge a penny to our visitors for even making a business deal done or take any proceeds from a successful sale through our platform. The basic proceeds come from advertisers and advertisements. But we do charge nominal or token amount from the car dealers or business houses for their presence and display of products in our site. So basically we are rendering public service and authentic information for picking the right car for the enthusiasts from an array of brands and products one would not find at a single showroom or outlets in any country. So being a part and partner of the transport sector are the main objectives of as transport is the integral part of any country’s development.

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