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Noor Hossain, corrupt RAB official killed Nazrul, claims Shahid Chairman

2014-05-04 02:12:20
Noor Hossain, corrupt RAB official killed Nazrul, claims Shahid Chairman

Baharam Khan,, Narayanganj:

Shahidul Islam alias Shahid Chairman, father-in-law of recently kidnapped and brutally murdered Narayanganj City Corporation panel mayor Nazrul Islam on Saturday blamed Noor Hossain, another councilor of NCC and some corrupt Rapid Action Battalion officials for his son-in-law’s murder.

In an exclusive interview with, Shahid Chairman told many hidden chapter of his son-in-law’s brutal murder along with six other kidnapping victims and told everything he knew about the background and enmity between Nazrul Islam and Noor Hossain that led to his kidnapping and brutal killing in connivance with some RAB officials. Shahid Chairman also told his rationales behind his claim and RAB officials’ alleged involvement in the brutal killing for money.

Nazrul’s body was recovered from Shitalakkhya on Wednesday along with six other kidnapping victims who were also brutally murdered by the same kidnapping and killer group who, as claimed by Shahid Chairman, has close nexus with a particular RAB official who is also a son-in-law of a ruling Awami League top leader. RAB has been blamed by many local and international human rights groups for its alleged involvement in extrajudicial killings and many other heinous crimes for both political and personal vengeance. The main opposition party BNP and its top leaders on numerous occasions also blamed the law enforcing agency for its infamous role in oppression of the opposition men as dictated by the government.

A verbatim text of the interview with Shahid Chairman is given below for clear understanding of the emotion charged father-in-law who had just lost his dear son-in-law over political rivalry. What do you know about the abduction and killing of your son-in-law? Do you suspect anyone?

Shahidul Islam: Noor Hossain, main accused in the abduction and killing of Nazrul Islam and CEO of RAB of Narayanganj area. Who?

Shahidul Islam: Noor Hossain was the mastermind behind the brutal murder but some dishonest RAB officials, including a high-up of RAB-11 who is also son-in-law of an influential Awami League minister were directly involved in the kidnapping and killing incident.

The microbus that had been used for the murder was also found with blood stains. Police have also discovered blood stains on the bus and also mobile phone set of Advocate Chandan Sarkar, another victim whose body was also dumped into the river along with six others.

Noor Hossain bribed the RAB official Tk 6 crore for killing my son-in-law. If the corrupt RAB official is arrested and interrogated, everything will be revealed about the kidnapping and killing of Nazrul and six others. But, there is no name of any RAB official in the FIR or the case filed with the police station.

Shahidul Islam: I had mentioned their name and tried to include their name in the case but the on-duty officer-in-charge erased their names saying the case would be weaker and might lost its ground if RAB officials’ names are mentioned or included. Who erased the names of RAB officials?

Shahidul Islam: The officer-in-charge (OC) of Fatulla Police Station. What is the name of the OC?

Shahidul Islam: I forget his name. Then?

Shahidul Islam: After trying for two days, I could file the case mentioning six names only. I accused 13 in the case but police kept only 6. Could you remember the excluded names of the case?

Shahidul Islam: The excluded persons are three RAB officials including a high-up of RAB-11, Shahjahan, Nur Uddin (brother of Noor Hossain), Mohammad Sanaullah, Jamal Uddin, Alim, and Ariful Islam. When did the enmity between Nazrul and Noor Hossain really begin?

Shahidul Islam: It started in 2000 when Noor Hossain opened fire to kill Nazrul. But, he survived that attempt on his life though a Jubo League leader was killed in that attack. Matin, a leader of Jubo League was hit by that bullet which was actually aimed at Nazrul. And that attack took place at Siddhirganj Awami League office. Even the AL president was also injured in that attack. Why did RAB try to kill Nazrul?

Shahidul Islam: For money. Money is the only cause of this murder incident as Noor Hossain reached a Tk 6 crore deal with the RAB official for killing Nazrul. The law and order of the country does not follow its own direction rather it runs in accordance with money and bribe. If this was not the case, then godfather of Narayanganj Shamim Osman failed to get his place on the stage, but terrorist Noor Hossain had got and grabbed the opportunity to stand just behind the Prime Minister on the stage when she had addressed a meeting in Araihazar upazila recently.

Terrorists do not have any party. Noor Hossain was an activist of the Jatiya Party first, then he joined the BNP during the BNP’s tenure and later joined the Awami League as it retained power. He is really a fair-weather friend of the ruling Awami League though basically he is a terrorist. Do you have any evidence against RAB over its involvement?

Shahidul Islam: I had visited the place after I was informed about the abduction of Nazrul. Some workers were working there at the moment of Nazrul’s kidnapping there. They informed me that RAB officials had first intercepted his car and took him along with others. Afterwards, I went to RAB-11 office with my men and daughter. An influential official of RAB-11 named Tarek took me aside saying that he had some personal talks with me. He kept us sitting idle for six hours. In the meantime, they killed all of the abducted persons and threw the bodies into the Shitalakkhya river after keeping us waiting for six hours in some other place. Where had you been taken by the RAB official?

Shahidul Islam: The RAB official took us to his own office which is in Adamjee. What did he tell you?

Shahidul Islam: He asked us various questions. After the incident, the RAB official told us that the murder had been committed by Shamim Osman. They did not commit those murders. Did the workers, who had seen the abduction, see RAB officials in uniform?

Shahidul Islam: They did not see them in uniform but the Hi-ace Microbus that they had used was carrying the logo of RAB. Police informed that there was no witness of the incident. Did you make those workers as witness in the case?

Shahidul Islam: No, we did not find them later. Did you know any of the workers?

Shahidul Islam: No. Will you be able to recognize any of them?

Shahidul Islam: Yes, I will if found in anyplace. When did you go back after the abduction incident?

Shahidul Islam: After around one and half an hour later. The abduction was held approximately 1:45pm and I went there at about 3:30pm. How did know about the abduction incident?

Shahidul Islam: From Nazrul’s case partner (co-accused). Are you sure that the killing incident was held inside the RAB office?

Shahidul Islam:I am sure. I am 100 percent sure about it. But you need evidence to prove RAB’s involvement. Do you have any?

Shahidul Islam: The RAB official who were on duty at the RAB office during the abduction could be the witness as all of them were not bribed or got the share of the bribe money. The officials got the bribe monet, bot the constables and if quizzed they would divulge the truth. Have you informed about all these things to newly-appointed superintendent of police (SP)?

Shahidul Islam: I have informed all to the state minister for home affairs even. When did you inform him?

Shahidul Islam: Before the bodies were found from the Shitalakkhya. Are you satisfied with the way the administration is handling the case?

Shahidul Islam: Yes, I am very content. Especially, the SP looks good to me. I have come to know that he is a much learned man and he had studied criminology and crimes. He resolved the case of Lokman murder in Narsingdi earlier. I believe he will be able to reveal the mystery behind the seven kidnapping and killings case as well. Police have failed to solve many sensational cases earlier. Do you think they will be able to resolve this case?

Shahidul Islam: I have faith in Superintendent of Police (SP) Dr Khandakar Mahid Uddin. I believe he will be able to resolve the case.

(This interview has been translated by Imam Hossain Bijoy and edited by Md. Al-Amin for

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