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Kidnapping and killing of 7 People that Woke up Terror-haunted N’ganj

I know many thing, but can’t tell now: Shamim Osman

2014-05-05 06:20:58
I know many thing, but can’t tell now: Shamim Osman

Baharam Khan and Mohammad Mamun,, Narayanganj:

Shamim Osman, a member of the most influential political family of Narayanganj and lawmaker of Narayanganj-4 constituency from the ruling Awami League said he knows many thing regarding the kidnapping and killing of seven people including Nazrul Islam, but cannot tell anything right now as the issue is under investigation.

The so called godfather of Narayanganj and the most powerful politician of Narayanganj also said Noor Hossain was involved in many illegal activities and things though he did not disclose what are those illegal activities and things. Noor Hossain, another NCC Councillor and the key suspect of the kidnapping and murder of Narul Islam, panel mayor of Narayanganj City Corporation, is also close associate of Shamim Osman while the victim is also his close as both are engaged in Awami League politics. Just a day before the kidnapping of Nazrul, Shamim Osman cautioned Nazrul not to move alone and always remain alert when moving outside his domain as his rivals are after him.

During an exclusive interview at Narayanganj Rifles Club on Sunday afternoon with Baharam Khan and Mohammad Mamun of, Shamim Osman has disclosed many issues related with the kidnapping, killing of seven people including Nazrul Islam and also about the rivalry between Nazrul and Noor Hossain.

Here is the verbatim text of the detailed interview for the readers:

TR: How are you viewing the Narayanganj kidnapping and killings that created a shockwave across the country making the people suffering from a serious sense of insecurity?

SO: This is not the first shocking and terrorizing incident of Narayanganj. Let me tell you something from a bit earlier. At least 20 people were killed in the bombing incident at Narayanganj Awami League office in 2001. And then there were many shocking incidents that rocked Narayanganj …

TR: Honorable lawmaker all those are known to the people. They all know all those are part of the bigger picture and that’s why people are worried about Narayanganj. We actually want to put our focus t the latest incident.

SO: Let me tell you in my way and you summed up those in the your way in your write-up. In a series of shocking killings Nurul Amin Maksud, Parvez, Ismail, Nazrul and lawyer Chandan Sarker were kidnapped and brutally murdered. Relatives of some got the bodies of the victims and some (victims of forced disappearance) remained missing for good. Who are those people? All of them are part activists of my party and all of them loved me very much. And I do love them as my own child.

Nazrul (the victim of kidnapping and killing and NCC panel mayor) came to me just a day before his kidnapping.

TR: Why he came to you?

SO: He came to me for requesting me to save him. And I arranged bail for him.

TR: How could you arrange bail for him?

SO: I mean, I arranged bail for him by telling the court Bar Association president and general secretary so that he could get bail as Nazrul told me to talk to them for his bail. And I duly told the lawyers for his bail.

Even I cautioned him not to move alone outside his domain. I told him to move always with caution and even I told the same thing to Nazrul’s wife so that he gets the message.

TR: Why did you warned Nazrul? Did you know that something would happen?

SO: Nazrul himself had such perception that something might happen. Nazrul told me that Hossian (Noor Hossain) would kill me taking the help of a specific law enforcing agency. I told him that I had just come to power, and nothing is in my total control and I am feeling wary. As there were kidnapping every other day. And there was no justice and remedy. And in the midst of such a situation, Nazrul was kidnapped. Within half an hour I informed all the district administration officials along with the State Minister for Home Affairs.

TR: Who informed you (about the kidnapping) first?

SO: Case partner (Co-accused) of Nazrul informed me.

TR: How did he informed you?

SO: He informer me over phone. We were then holding a meeting of Law Enforcement Committee and there OCs of three thanas were there. I informed them too right at that moment and requested them to take immediate measures.

TR: Then what happened?

SO: After sometimes, Nazrul’s father-in-law came to me. In front of them I informed the Prime Minister and all high-ups of the government about the kidnapping and its aftermath situation. I also told the RAB higher authorities to take measures and also the local authorities. And when I informed the local CEO of RAB, he asked me to send Nazrul’s father-in-law to him and I send him to the RAB CEO. But after that what allegation he (Shahaid Chairman) had made is something quite serious.

TR: Which allegation?

SO: That one you had published through his interview with (Noor Hossain and corrupt RAB official killed Nazrul). This really something serious allegation. I send Shahid Chairman to him in response to RAB CEO’s request and he made allegations to him (Shahid Chairman) that I could be involved in the kidnapping.

After considering all these, I think the issue is not something as usual or light. Because in this incident three big blow we had suffered. For his family this is a body blow which can never be recoverable. Secondly, the government suffered blow to its image and thirdly I personally suffered as he was my party man. Awami League suffered immensely as in his area the party got damaged with his sad demise.

TR: Many people are telling that a third party reaped the benefit of Nazrul-Hossain rivalry ..

SO: I also say the same thing. Because, former BNP lawmaker Giasudding with his men has occupied a market today, just two days after burial of Nazul.

Narayanganj Mayor Ivy after every incident start blaming me for anything. She would say her men affected along with her. Just think about one thing carefully she does not say her party is affected, she would say her own men are affected. Then comes who are her men? Sufian who controls 85 percent of any city corporation tender and contracts. Sufian and Hossain did a lot of city corporation works and earned huge sum of money. When you would listen to the audio I had provided to you (journalists) you hear that Sufian and Hossain have been calling my names with indescribable language.

TR: How could you manage this audio?

SO: One of the journalists has given it to me.

TR: Who is that journalist?

SO: I cannot disclose his name.

TR: You always asked us to talk something with evidence! So you should disclose his name.

SO: No, I cannot disclose his name. Do you people disclose your source?

TR: That is why we have to make some questions with unanimous sources. Some people said that you had reaped the most benefits out of Nazrul and Noor Hossain rivalry. Even some people had said that Noor Hossain had undermined your authority and had established links with AL high-ups bypassing you and maintained links with them which was a threat to your dominance and authority in Narayanganj politics …

SO: No, no. Absolutely things are not like that. I had warned Noor Hossain on many occasions so that he could mend his ways. But he did not bothered to hear my suggestions.

TR: On which issues you had cautioned him. He (Noor Hossian) got imvolved in many illegal things. And I warned him to back off.

TR: What sort of illegal activities?

SO: Illegal is something illegal, I can not define.

TR: Well, you should make those specific what sort of illegal acts ..

SO: No, I cannot elaborate. Well, I do know many things regarding those (the kidnapping and killings). But I cannot disclose those.

TR: Why would you keep those secret?

SO: Because all those are now under investigation by the law enforcers. So I cannot make any comments on under-investigation things. Because I’m not a member of general public. I cannot make comments like ordinary people. I do have some political weight which could influence the investigation process. And right now I cannot even brand Noor Hossain as criminal even.

TR: Those who are engaged in illegal activities, are not they criminal?

SO: Well, yes they are. But I cannot tell whether Noor Hossain is really involved in this killings or not, I can’t say that.

TR: If you tell all those to the media then the investigation officers could be informed.

SO: I do have the opportunity to tell those even to the high-ups of the government. Why should I tell you?

TR: The investigators could have made familiar with those things if you told those to media!

SO: I do have the opportunity to tell them directly. So I would not make those publicly.

TR: Even before this wave of kidnapping and killings, you had warned Noor Hossain to back off and you could have taken some steps for refraining him sice he is your party man and also very closed to you ….

SO: Well, I do not have that power or authority. Why don’t you try to understand one thing, even I have to file a GD for ensuring my own safety. I do not have the power, I am also feeling insecure. Besides, it is not responsibility to main law and order.

TR: But you are a key figure and important leader of Narayanganj, and also an MP ..

SO: So what?

TR: Many people have to look for your leadership and have to depend on your guidance too as you were the general secretary of the ruling Awami League…

SO: Well it is past. I was, not now.

TR: Why would you feel helpless? Your party had nominated you and you are now an MP. You enjoy access to the highest level of the government. So how could you be helpless. Isn’t it?

SO: That’s why I cannot talk rubbish like ordinary people. I am just taking this for progress on my way, but quite slowly. Otherwise, how could this audio CD comes to me. I am following my course.

TR: had carried the interview of Shahid Chairman, father-in-law of slain Nazrul. Did you went through that interview? You would find in that interview he had also blamed you quoting the RAB CEO who had said that you are involved in the kidnapping and killing?

SO: This is really unfortunate. Though it is his personal thinking. I do not want to make any comment on that. I would say is really unexpected and unfortunate. For the last couple of days, I was busy with family affairs following death of my brother (Jatiya Party MP Nasim Osman who died in India) and could not follow the incidents happening around. I had went through your portal news and learned about those things what has been happening. So from now on I’m poking my nose into all those things. So let see what happens next.

(This interview has been translated and edited by Md. Al-Amin for

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