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Tareq demanded Tk 2 cr for release of Ismail after his abduction

2014-05-14 10:13:07
Tareq demanded Tk 2 cr for release of Ismail after his abduction

Baharam Khan and Mamun Mia, from Narayaganj:

Allegations of abductions and ransom demand have been resurfacing one after another against deposed Rapid Action Battalion Commanding Officer Tareq Sayeed Mohammad. In latest such allegation against Tareq, Mrs Joshna wife of abduction victim Mohammad Ismail and his brother Mohammad Hannan alleged that Tareq demanded Tk two crore for return of Ismail who was kidnapped three months ago. But Ismail could not be rescued till date.

On Tuesday afternoon, kidnapped Ismail wife Joshna and brother Mohammad Hannan had a meeting with Narayanganj Police Super and after the meeting this correspondents had talked with them.

Raising yet another allegations of demanding ransom, Mohammad Hannan said, “My brother Ismail was picked up by RAB-11 men when he was going to Narayanganj with his friend Hiron (Mazharul Islam Hiron) on February 7. RAB men picked up Ismail from Dhaka-Narayanganj highway from Ashik Nursery point area. After massive search for Ismail 15 days, we came to know from a source that he is in the custody of RAB-11. Then we went to RAB CO Tareq for his release and he demanded Tk two crore for his release.”

When asked about Ismail abduction by RAB men, Hiron said, “I along with Ismail was going to Mijmiji of Narayanganj and at about 8:30pm a big Hi-age micro intercepted our car in front of Ashik Nursery on Dhaka-Narayanganj highway and picked up Ismail from our car. They also hit me with arms and when I tried to resist them from picking up Ismail they claimed themselves to be RAB men and refrained other people from resisting them.”

Mohammad Hannan on February 9 filed a case with Siddhirganj police station against six people for the abduction. The case no is 6 and the accused are Md Mosharraf, Nasir Uddin, kaiyum, Md Selim, Mamun and Koushar. All of them are residents of Kutunpur village of Sonargaon upazila and they have rivalry and enmity with Ismail.

When asked why RAB men’s name were missing in the case as they are bringing allegations against the RAB now? Then Mohammad Hannan said, “We wanted to file the case against RAB men. But the Siddhirganj thana OC Abdul Matin did not accepted the case with RAB men’s name. He said we cannot file case against RAB and he would not accept it. So, we were forced to exclude the name of the RAB men and filed the case against others.”

When asked what did you do after that? Joshna, Wife of Ismail said, “We went to the RAB office for 15-16 days and we were forced to go back home from the RAB-11 reception room. They won’t permit us to go inside. But after receiving a telephone from a certain source, my brother-in-law Hannan got a slip mentioning that we have to met RAB-11 top official along with Kanchpur Union chairman Fazlul Haque. As per instruction we met with AB-11 CO and just after entering is room he said, “Oh you are Ismail’s men. Ismail is a dangerous element. He is sure to face this fate.”

Joshna said, “Then I grabbed his (Tareq) leg and requested him to forgive Ismail and release him. Then he demanded Tk two crore for his release. But we had agreed to pay Tk one crore, but he did not accepted Tk one crore offer we had made.”

When Kanchpur Union Chairman was contacted for talking on the issue he did ot pich-up the phone for talking on the issue.

When asked about their present state of the case, the wife and brother of Ismail said, “We did have contact with the RAB men before the seven abduction and killings. But after the seven killing we could not make contact with the RAB men. We are at a loss what to do. We did come to the SP three-four days back and we came today.”

When asked what the SP is telling them, then Hannan said, “The SP said we’re busy with the seven murder. But he had assured us of looking into the Ismail abduction case too.”

“We also met with the previous SP (Syed Nuril Islam) too, but could not get any cooperation. He said RAB often detain people for questioning, and your husband could have been detained too. You will find him freed, so wait for that,” said wife of another Narayanganj kidnapping victim Ismail.

They said they will form a human chain in Narayanganj on Wednesday seeking release of Mohammad Ismail who was abducted by the RAB-11 members on February 7.

(This report has been translated and edited by Md Al-Amin for

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