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| Dhaka, Tuesday, 20 February 2018

SM Shakil Ahmed

Staff Correspondent

Privately-graduated law students’ fate hangs in the balance as they are barred from taking registration test

Bar council shuts door to private university law students!

2014-05-18 16:32:47
Bar council shuts door to private university law students!

SM Shakil Ahmed,, Dhaka:

Law students of private universities are allegedly facing obstacle to take an enrollment test at the Bangladesh Bar Council for registration as lawyer.

They are not being given registration forms for the test, required to list them for starting practice, based solely on verbal directive.

The students say they have not been served any written or official notice or directive in this regard.

The number of private universities now stands at 33, according to information posted on the University Grant Commission (UGC) website. More than 7,000 law students, after completion of their graduation from the private institutions are waiting to seat for the exam at the bar council.

Besides, over 30,000 students are currently studying law and their fate depends upon the clear bar council decision. They, along with their guardians, are now gravely concerned about the probable hurdle the private university students have been facing.

The information centre of the bar council says students have been barred from taking the test as many private universities face allegation of selling certificates and some even have lawsuits filed against their authorities for not having proper registration and pre-requisite qualifications.

The UGC has served a notice asking for information on law students at private universities and the bar on taking the exam would be lifted once the commission receives the list.

The bar council has sent two letters to the UGC seeking updates on the issue but is still awaiting a response. Besides, no notice was served to the universities from the council or the commission either over the issue.

The UGC has lately sent a letter to the bar council and the private universities, saying it is unable to send lists of students, who have completed LLB or LLM programme from private universities, over registration for bar council enrollment. It also said the commission cannot verify the list of students who have passed because issues like admission, registration, exam, transcript and certificates are under academic affairs of the private universities concerned.

Bangladesh Bar Council secretary Md Altaf Hossain told the enrollment committee would hold a meeting a few days later to decide on what to do with the students of private universities.

“Cases have been filed against seven universities and a different decision could be taken on those. I do not remember names of all the seven but Darul Ihsan, Prime, Northern, Dhaka International, America University of Bangladesh, Atish Dipankar and Ibais are on the list,” he said.

”We have been given no lucid explanation for denying our students the chance to seat for the exam,” Stamford University registrar Ekramul Haque Chowdhury told

“As we did not receive any notice, we learned this from our students and went to the bar council. They said the issued would be resolved soon but later on, we came to know that the students are yet to be permitted to take the test,” he added.

Northern University joint registrar Abul Hossain said they did not receive any notice in this regard either.

Besides, there is no such information in the UGC Act or rules, he said.

“The step has been taken in secret by both the UGC and the bar council without any prior notice. I think there is an ulterior and ill motive behind this,” he observed.

Abul Hossain said negotiations with the council and the commission were underway and legal steps would be taken if negotiations failed.

Law graduates claim the private universities enroll law students after obtaining permission from the UGC and it was unacceptable that they were now facing hindrance to become lawyers after the four-year study.

“As far as I know, only students of outdoor campus of Darul Ihsan University have been barred from taking the test. Besides, I have no idea why private university students are being prevented from seating for the test,” said UGC senior assistant secretary Mauli Azad.

UGC Director (private university division) Md Shamsul Alam told they, in a letter to the bar council, expressed inability to provide the list of all students in response to a letter earlier sent by the council.

Stating that it was not the responsibility of the commission to prepare the list of students for the bar council, Shamsul Alam said it was impossible for the commission to draw up such a long list.

“I hope the council would take into account the future of such a large number of students and would permit them to take the test,” he added.

(This report has been translated by Imam Hossain Bijoy and edited by Md. Al-Amin for

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