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Sagor Anower

Staff Correspondent

Ershad engrossed in illicit affair with Sathi!

2014-06-15 21:35:21
Ershad engrossed in illicit affair with Sathi!

Sagor Anower,, Dhaka:

After having many scandalous relations with many women like Zeenat Mosharraf, Marieum Mumtaz and also Bidisha, former military dictator and Jatiya Party president Hussein Muhammad Ershad has found new love at the age of 87 and remained captivated by model Sathi now.

Now Ershad has been introducing model Sathi, a 20-year old beautiful girl as the friend of his autistic son Eric Ershad. The smart model girl has also been made the model of the former president owned boutique shop named “Boutique Lime Light” located in the capital city’s Banani area.

While visiting the boutique shop on Saturday and Sunday, two life-size picture of model Sathi was found on display in front of the shop. JP chairman HM Ershad has been dining with model Sathi whenever he is finding time in posh Gulshan and Banani restaurants and also taking her to Gulshan Club almost on a regular basis, sources closed to Ershad confirmed Sathi’s easy access and having special relations with the JP chairman.

After an investigation by, it was known that Sathi is a model listed with an Uttara-based model agency. She is around 20 years of age having beautiful look and she is quite a smart girl having all the qualities to captivate person like Ershad, who had maintained numerous extra-marital relations with many women during his reign of power and also afterwards as former president and JP chairperson.

JP sources closed to Ershad also confirmed Sathi’s free-access to President Park residence of JP chief. Following scandalous relations of Sathi with Ershad, numerous pictures of Sathi have been roaming round in social media sites like Facebook and others.

Sathi has also been talk of the town and now Jatiya Party leaders are also engaged in wild rumours of Sathi gaining the power and prominence in the party as once Bidisha did and could also emerge and plunge in politics as once Bidisha did! The party leaders and activists are agog about the latest love of party chief Ershad, but also fearful and cautious not to offend Ershad at least publicly, said a mid-ranking leader of JP preferring anonymity.

But despite so many scandals, Raushan Ershad had not abandoned Ershad wholly, though she lives alone in a separate house in Gulshan. Ershad lives in President’s Park residence with Eric Ershad while Raushan lives in Gulshan-2 house.

During Ershad’s rule in 1980s, he got married with Marieum Mumtaz Merry, but the couple could not live together due to political and family reasons. There are wild rumours that Ershad had also got married with Zeenat Mosharraf, but still could not lead a family life and none of the two either Ershad or Zeenat had never protested or rejected their special relationship.

After end of Zeenat chapter, Ershad found Bidisha as new love and formally got married. Ershad became father with the birth of Eric Ershad and Ershad-Bidisha couple had a tremendous romantic life, though for a few years only. Ershad had given Bidisha a flat at his Presidential Park residence and presidium membership too in the Jatiya Party too. But that special relation did not last long as Bidisha got ambitious taking almost all the control even in party finally irking Ershad to sever relations with her abruptly making media cry over many things. Though Ershad had divorced Bidisha saying that she had been maintain relations with Four-Party Alliance government as its agent in JP. Bidisha then formally lodged complained against Ershad for torturing and harassing her amid media blitz over the affairs. Everything was settled through huge monetary compensation then.

Ershad was fond of women and he had maintained numerous extra-marital relations with many women all through his golden days and even at his old age of 87. Many Jatiya Party leaders have cashed in on cobbling up such relations and made millions by making Ershad happy with linking him up with more and more scandalous relations, said a Jatiya Party leader feeling embarrassed with the party chief’s scandalous character. The leader said, many leaders even got party presidium post by making Ershad happy by doing such nasty things that also embarrassed many genuine JP leaders and activists.

In most cases Ershad had averted media comments on personal life and specially on having affairs with so many women by just giving smile. But again the media had come up with another chapter of Ershad having illicit affairs with 20-year old Sathi at the age of 87.

Who is Sathi?

Sathi is a smart model of an Uttara-based modeling agency. She has been studying at Americal International University of Bangladesh located in the capital city’s Banani area. She resides in Gulshan. When approached for comments Sathi told, “I do modeling out of passion, not for money. I usually do modeling on specific subject or through special reference if I feel satisfied with the subject.”

A year ago, Sathi was introduced with HM Ershad by former Jatiya Party (Ershad) presidium member Atiqur Rahman Atiq at the birthday of Eric Ershad last year. Atiq had finally left Ershad’s Jatiya Party and joined the JP faction-led by Kazi Jafar. After that, Sathi started visiting Ershad’s President’s Park residence with her mother on a regular basis. The issue soon caught the eyes of JP leaders and activists making it another hot-rumours centering Ershad who had a colorful life having so many women. Soon the rumours took centre stage first and Jatiya Party and then in media through clue provided by the party leaders.

Like Bidisha, Sathi is also cashing in on the special relations with Jatiya party chairman and she had already been made model of the boutique shop owned by Ershad. Even on Sathi’s request, the boutique shop has been renamed “Boutique Lime Light.”

Earlier the boutique shop was under control of former girlfriend Bidisha and following divorce with Bidisha the shop was looked after by JP Presidium member HM Golam Reza for sometimes. Later Golam Reza too was expelled from JP by Ershad for allegedly misappropriating money of HM Ershad. Then Golam Reza joined Kazi Jafar faction of JP.

Now the boutique shop has been displaying two life-size pictures of model Sathi.

A source closed to Ershad said, recently Ershad had visited Cox’s Bazar with Sathi on a pleasure trip. Even Ershad had taken Sathi with him while visiting Moulvibazar on May 15 to 17. The couple had good time together at a resort in Moulvibazar, several Jatiya Party leaders confirmed Ershad’s both Cox’s Bazar and Moulvibazar trip with Sathi.

When Sathi was approached for comments on these two particular trips she had gone outside Dhaka, Sathi told, “I will not tell you anything regarding these trips.”

When Sathi was asked how she was introduced with Ershad, she said, “I will also not tell you my personal things.”

When asked about displaying two life-size pictures in Ershad’s boutique shop, she said, “My picture could be there as I’m a model.”

When pressed for comments on special relations with Ershad, Sathi said, “I am from Rangpur too and we have family relations. HM Ershad is my uncle and my father is his cousin. I cannot tell you anything more.”

When HM Ershad was contacted over phone, re had received the phone, but when Sathi issue was raised for comments then Ershad disconnected the phone without making any comment.

An official of an intelligence agency told preferring anonymity, “Sathi often visit Ershad’s President Park residence and some other beautiful women employees of the boutique shop also visit Ershad’s house on a regular basis.”

A longtime girlfriend of HM Ershad having the first letter ‘B’ told, “Ershad is basically a sick man. So he gets engaged in such scandalous relations with women even at the age of 87.”

(This report has been translated and edited by Md. Al;-Amin for 15, 2014

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